“That thing is a killing machine!”

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threadless challenge

Happy new year! It’s January the world didn’t end; phew! Full of vim and vigor I decided to enter a threadless competition. My first three ideas had already been submitted by other people which is a shame but I guess that’s par for the course with these type of things. So, running out of time, I decided to go for a tugging on the old heartstrings approach as opposed to clever, clever. It was interesting to analyze one of Pixar’s models up close for a number of days. Am I allowed to say that I made a few improvements to the proportions of Boo’s face? Probably not. The Pixar ninjas are no doubt already on their way to get me! I must say whilst working I found it very difficult not to constantly shout out lines from the movie such as:

“There’s a child, there’s a child, there’s a human child!” And “Put that thing back where it came from…”

Wishing you all the best in 2013


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