Fashion Retrospective

Fashion retrospective @ Bloomsbury Ballroom

Yesterday evening I headed off to the Fashion retrospective at the Bloomsbury Ballroom with two tickets care of Christine Macaulay. Woo-hoo, I won the competition on her blog! It’s an event hosted by Bourne & Hollingsworth and styled by Violet Naylor-Leyland to celebrate the cyclical nature of fashion and to show how the past informs the future. In her own words: “Showcasing the wearability of vintage pieces under the umbrella of recent trends.”

After a projected homage to various style icons of the past the show was split into five sections: Gothic beauty, Monochrome, Wild!, Come to bed and Showcase. A very enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience were then wowed by the parade of vintage creations. It’s key to remember that this is one of the only fashion week events open to the public and hence the incredible response from the crowd. Of course there were cocktails on hand. I stuck with the Gatsbys which were blood red and…well, how shall I put it: GREAT!

The evening was only slightly marred by the fact that on leaving my flat I managed to drop my 550D totally destroying my 18-55mm lens. Eek! Unfortunately the camera on my phone just wasn’t up to the task of the low level lighting inside the ballroom but I do hope my snaps give you at least a small taste of the wonderful atmosphere. Also I have to mention the music which was superbly strung together throughout the show and after party. At one point there was even a joyous flash mob style performance from a Swing Patrol team which went down an absolute storm. Vintage girls know how to get down!

Many thanks to Christine, Michael and the taxi driver who offered to go home and get me his Pentax.

1) Programe 2) Me  3) Marilyn

4) Sarah Irvine from 5) Pre-show Gatsbys

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