Le Big Mac

Christine Macaulay

Christine Macaulay is a clothing designer and stylist who lets us share in her many passions over at the Big Mac Blog. It covers everything you could possibly dream of from clothes to cakes and all with effortless charm. She’s heading off to France tomorrow for foreign adventures and so to mark her imminent departure from this fair isle I decided to paint her portrait. The look I went for was a cross between a cartoon pin-up and “Chibi style”, which for the uninitiated means cute with an oversized head. On finishing the piece it did cross my mind that she might be horrified with the result. You always hope that people will like your work but you never know; especially with something as personal as a portrait. Anyway I’m very pleased to report that she loved it and one of her friends even commented that the “disproportionate noggin was spot on” which made me laugh. God’s speed Christine!


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