She Bangs

With the Oscars on Sunday night came the end of another awards season. Mainly this means that actresses can now eat food again or something like that. Anyway I thought it was high time I posted something new and decided to finish off this sketch of Zooey Deschanel from the Golden Globes in January. Before reading any opinions in the press I always like to look at the cavalcade of dresses myself and then see if the various pundits agree with my selection of hot or nots! For my money Zeds ( my new nickname for her ) won hands down. She stepped out in a black and green satin Prada gown adorned with hundreds of glass beads. The look was finished off with a matching green clutch and an ivory pearl embroidered collar. Also her nails were painted with cartoon tuxedos. Cute, but with all that emerald-green I would have gone for a Wizard of Oz theme.

And I didn’t mention “adorkable” once. ***T!

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