…and a Happy New Year!

Christmas at Firbank House

Bonjour mes amis. Hopefully you all had a lovely time during the festive period. For me Christmas was spent in Cheshire at my Aunt’s. As you can see from the photos above she always does a wonderful job of decorating the house and providing us with an endless stream of goodies. Apart from the usual gluttony I tried, and failed, at least three times to sit down and watch My Fair lady in its entirety.

What really struck me about Audrey Hepburn ( from what I saw ) was her characterization through movement: the changing expression on her little boat race whilst singing luv-er-ley is utterly captivating. Although, of course, it’s Cecil Beaton’s costumes which really steal the show. There’s something about older films, how they’re fixated with spectacle and couldn’t care less about suspension of disbelief. How effortlessly it moves from the squalor of London’s streets to the monochrome clad caricatures of Ascot. Indeed the entire racing sequence is astonishing. I wonder if there has ever been a greater showcase for a designer’s work. Okay, maybe Gaultier’s techno clobber for the Fifth Element…kidding!

Ascot scene from "My Fair Lady"

In 2012 I’m going to continue broadening the scope of this blog to include a lot more than just fashion illustration. I’m hoping that the coming year will provide a few more forays into the murky depths of film, and I’m also hoping that more of you will come with me.

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