British Fashion Week: Part One

Friday: Day One: Martina Spetlova

Alas my favourite Czech Chemist was only showing in a private room at Somerset house so there were no catwalk photographs to be used as reference. Ever resourceful I ripped a few frames from a video of Millie Brown interviewing her at As you can see I’ve ended up with more of a portrait of the designer rather than her clothes but I’m sure I’ll get to painting the clothes soon.

In the interview Martina talks about her views on sustainability, which is very good to hear. She also has a lot of nice ideas about building textures into clothes, whether its by using zips or what she charmingly refers to as “3D elements” such as a lycra wool blend.

A portrait of Martina Spetlova

Panda Chemistry Sustainability

Saturday: Day Two: Jenny Postle

Okay so the Central Saint Martins bias is already running wild. It’s not my fault every time I see something truly amazing it just happens to be a graduate from that esteemed college. Who can blame me I instantly fell in love with her tron like tribal rugs. Also she knows how to balance out incredibly bright colours against muted browns. I just couldn’t stop smiling while I was looking at this collection.

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