The Dream (Le Reve): Happy Valentine’s Day

One of my best friends is tying the knot on March 5th so I thought I would make him a present. I seldom give away original artwork, unless it’s been comissioned, so it always means a lot to me when I do. Whilst doing the work it’s nice to reflect on your relationship with the person in question. Hopefully they end up with a lovely piece of art to hang on their wall but what I really like is the act of giving them a block of my time. Surely John Lewis vouchers can’t compete with that!

His wife to be is a big Picasso fan so I decided to do something loosely based on “The dream.” When it comes to Picasso I’m not his greatest advocat, largely I imagine through ignorance, but I’ve always found this particular piece to be extremely moving. There’s been an awful lot written about the woman’s face and how the upper half is symbolic of Picasso’s erect penis. ( After all the model was his lover at the time ) I haven’t researched it personally but still I don’t particularly adhere to this reading of the painting. For me the shapes represent stillness and serenity; a kind of post coital fracture between mind and body.

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