The artist René Gruau ( see Fig1 above) provided the inspiration for Galliano’s latest Haute Couture collection at Dior. Gruau was a hugely influential illustrator during the 1940s. Indeed it’s not overstating the case to suggest that he changed the face of fashion illustration. Because of this it seemed only fair to complete the circle and turn one of Galliano’s creations back into a painting. It was tricky to pick out one standout image from the show but in the end it was hard to top the opening salvo of K Kloss in a red tulle coat.

I tried to keep the painting of the face as clean as possible to exentuate the 50s inspired makeup and then, lower down, really letting go with longer brushstrokes to suggest the play of light on the dress.

Such an elaborate workout for the eyes. The coat shifting from red to black, the scarf like a single feather plucked from a mythical grey bird. Elsewhere the attention to detail is equally astonishing. Philip Treacy’s artisty sits atop tight pinned gold, while scarlet eyebrows curve against ghost white skin.

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